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Homestays - B&Bs - Farmstays in New Zealand

The enjoyment of Homestays, Bed & Breakfasts, Farmstays, and Otherstays are very fast growing accommodation options in New Zealand and favoured mainly by free independent travellers. 

Homestays - B&Bs

Homely accommodation, including bed and breakfast, is often available in the towns and cities and suburbs - reasonably close to all the attractions and in the homes of families and welcoming people. Full home-cooked meals are often provided if required. Often homestays provide homestayers with their own bathroom facilities and sometimes homestayers share facilities with other guests and the hosting home owners. Often it is the personal and authentic stay experience which is in demand as much as the accommodation.



Homely accommodation, including bed and breakfast, is often available in the countryside or in semi-rural and rural areas - in the homes of farming families and rural people. Home-cooked meals and farm baking are often provided if required. Often farmstays provide farmstayers with their own separate self-contained farm cottage, or house guests in the family farmhouse with separate bathroom facilities. At other times facilities are shared. An opportunity exists to experience farming atmosphere and farming life. Sometimes a focus is made not so much on the farm but on more of a general stay in the country to get close to nature - away from the crowds and into the quiet for some relaxation and personal attention during your stay.



Otherstays have special features unique to the hosts, the property, or to the location. They usually include homely accommodation and examples are Beachstays, Countrystays, Fishingstays, Florastays, Lakestays, Maraestays, Orchardstays, Schoolstays, Skistays, Vineyardstays, to name just a few.



Discussions with the insurance industry revealed that you should inform your insurance company if you are exchanging or renting your residential home, rooms or any other type of holiday home or mobile home. Where motor vehicles or vessels are included in an accommodation exchange or any rental arrangement your insurance company should also be notified


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