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Holiday homes, baches and apartments in New Zealand

Renting family residential homes or holiday homes, baches and cottages - and more recently tourist apartments and flats - to holidaymakers has been a well known and used practice in New Zealand for many years. Most overseas visitors stay in rented or private "homes" of one kind or another.

Baches and holiday homes are all different and unique and part of the mystique and charm of off-track, offbeat holidaying. The differing standards set are matched by differing tariffs. 

There are many obvious and special advantages to renting a "home" for holidays apart from usual cost savings based on what value and extras you are actually getting with homely accommodation. Many of the advantages outlined in the following pages on residential home exchange are also relevant to residential and holiday home rental for holiday accommodation.

Renting homes may require some formal written rental agreement to be drawn up and signed by the parties if they so decide. Tenancy Agreements are available from solicitors, real estate agents, government housing agencies and stationery shops. These agreements mostly cover full-time tenancy situations but they may be used as a good basis to adapt and modify for a written, short, fixed-term tenancy agreement.

Short-term rental for holiday purposes is exempted under the Residential Tenancies Act 1986 - making a bond and a specific written rental agreement not mandatory. People usually make their own informal arrangements.

Some form of written or verbal agreement is necessary however, in respect of the cost, duration and dates of the tenancy no matter how short or long. However, most people however, seem to just have a talk about what is involved.

References can be asked for from the home owners as well as the tenants if necessary where residential and holiday home rental is chosen.

Items such as use of gas and electricity are normally included in rental costs for the short-term use of someone�s place and some separate arrangements made for the use of the phone.


Discussions with the insurance industry revealed that you should inform your insurance company if you are exchanging or renting your residential home, rooms or any other type of holiday home or mobile home. Where motor vehicles or vessels are included in  any rental arrangement, your insurance company should also be notified

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